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Products and Services

Water Heaters
  • Because we could finally compete with the rising prices of propane and because we were listening to the needs and requests of our membership the co-op finally jumped headfirst into a marketing program which centered first around electric water heaters. We installed our first water heater in March of 1986 and have installed over 7,300 water heaters on our system. We offer a variety of sizes from 5 gallon to 50 gallon and we can order 80 – 120 gallon also. These water heaters can be ordered in tall, short or lowboy models.   Our water heaters, A.O. Smith, have a longer-lasting low-watt density copper lower heating element. The upper element is high watt density copper. They include a diffuse dip tube which helps reduce lime and sediment buildup, maximize hot water output. They have an aluminum anode rod which whelp helps protect against corrosion for a longer life and a glass lined tank for longer lasting protection against rust and corrosion. They also include a factory-installed side-mounted temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve.This tank  has a six-year tank warranty and a six-year parts warranty.
  • We can order Marathon water heaters which have a life-time warranty. These tanks are available by special order and take about 7 business days to receive them. 

Water Softeners
  • Are you experiencing problems with hard water? Are you having problems with scale of mineral build up on your appliances? Do you have streaks and residue on your glassware? Do you waste a lot of money on soaps trying to get suds?  Well…you need REA to test your water. It is a free service to our members. After the testing process has been completed, we will give you a call and offer suggestions as to what can be done to eliminate your problems. If you need a water conditioner, REA’s trained professionals can advise you as to what size your home needs based on the number of family members in your household, how much water you use and how hard your water is.  Bring a sample of water to the Marietta Office or Kingston office for testing.  You could have one of our water softeners in your home and you too can use less soaps and detergents; your clothes will be brighter, dishes will sparkle; your pipes can be protected; and you can preserve your water faucets, water heater and other appliances.

  • REA has discontinued in-house technical services for Air-to-Air Heat Pumps. Alternatively, the cooperative will be referring members to local heat and air contractors for future installations and repairs. If you have a service need, you may call REA's Member Service Dept. at 580-276-3364 for a list of local contractors. REA will work with members and their chosen contractors on all heat pumps under warranty.

    Loans and Rebates Are Available
    REA will continue to offer heat pump loans. Members with qualified credit may borrow the full cost of a new heating and cooling systems from the co-op. Requirements include:

    • Credit Application
    • Use of Approved Contractors
    • Copy of Bid from installing Contractor
    • Loan paperwork signed by all parties, dated and notarized.
    • Copy of final invoice from installing contractor
    • Execution of property lien

    The current rates are 7% for Air-to-Air Heat Pumps and 5% for Geothermal. Terms are for up to eight years and payments will appear on members electric bills for easy pay back.  

    Check out our Rebates available for HVAC installations. 

Energy Audits
  • Wanting to increase your energy efficiency?  Have one of our trained technicians give a free energy audit of your location!  Our techs will inspect electric appliances and insulation as well as give helpful tips on how you can save.  

    For more information, follow this link to our Energy Audit page.