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Beat the Peak

Beat the Peak
Save Personally and Collectively When You Beat The Peak
What Is It?
    Beat the Peak is a voluntary program designed by Red River Valley REA for two very important purposes - first to help members improve their awareness of energy efficiency and secondly to encourage members to assist in lowering electricity use during peak periods.   Peak periods are the times in which it cost more to supply power.  In our area the demand for electricity is greatest in the hot summer months between the hours of 3 pm to 7 pm. By becoming a part of this program you can help REA reach its goal.

One might ask what the factors that affect the price are.    Two major factors affect the price of electricity: 1) the cost of fuel used in generating power and 2) the cost to supply power during times of highest demand.

    The cost of electricity is greatest during periods of high demand.  These higher costs are reflected in the power cost paid by the cooperative and by individual members on their monthly bills.

Why Get Involved?
    The Beat the Peak program was introduced to help lower your cooperative's peak demand. Demand for electricity in our area is approaching the maximum capacity of some power plants.  Building new plants is both time consuming and costly.  Managing and even lowering the demand for electricity during critical hours is clearly the least-cost alternative.  

As a member-owned cooperative, we benefit collectively by every dollar saved.  We're in this together!

How Can I Participate?
    The first step toward helping your cooperative is to enroll in the Beat the Peak program.  Once enrolled and throughout the summer you will receive weekly tips for improving energy efficiency plus notifications in advance of declared peaks.  Each time the cooperative determines that a peak situation exists, you will receive a notice by e-mail, text message or both.  The cooperative will also use the social networking program Facebook to communicate with members.

    When notices are issued, the cooperative's only request is that you use energy wisely.  This could mean, for example, increasing your thermostat setting a few degrees and limiting the use of home appliances during the designated peak hours of 3 pm to 7 pm.  Sign Up Today at the Form Below!

Beat the Peak and Energy Conservation Sign Up Form

Five Easy Steps to Harvest Your Green
  • Look for the ENERGY STAR label when buying major appliances
  • Shop for LED’s, CFL’s or other low-watt alternatives when replacing light bulbs
  • Install a programmable thermostat to reduce unnecessary heating and cooling
  • Use caulk or weather strip to seal air leaks. If needed, insulate to recommended levels
  • Reduce cooling and appliance use during Peak Hours (3 PM—7 PM)
  • Peak Season extends from June 20 to September 9, excluding Sundays and holidays