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Distributed Generation (DG)

Distributed Resources (Member-owned Generation)

 It is the policy of Red River Valley REA (IDR Policy #602) to assist any Member that requests information concerning the installation of qualifying distributed resources(solar, wind, biomass). Installations of Member-owned distributed generation (DG) must comply with applicable laws, ordinances, rules and regulations of all federal, state, county and/or local authorities, including, but not limited to, policies of REA and its power supplier and the most recent IEEE 1547 - Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems.

  • Distributed Generation installations of 15 kW or less and having output capabilities of 25,000 kWh or less per year will be considered for net-metering and sized to match the Member’s minimum energy requirements as measured over a monthly interval.

  • Output for Distributed Generation installations over 15 kW but less than 100 kW will be separately metered and compensated at a rate equal to the avoided cost of power of the Associations's wholesale power supplier.

  • Installers for Distributed Generation facilities rated 100 kW and above are required to contract directly with Western Farmers Electric Cooperative, the REA’s all-requirements supplier.

Members interested in installing Distributed Generation may contact the Engineering Department for additional information concerning REA’s requirements for interconnection.

Failure to notify and/or contract his/her DG interconnect with the Association shall disqualify the Member from any and all benefits granted by Policy #602.