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Distributed Generation (DG)

Distributed Resources (Member-owned Generation)

 It is the policy of Red River Valley REA (REA) to assist any Member that requests information concerning the installation of qualifying distributed resources. Installations of Member-owned distributed generation (DG) must comply with applicable laws, ordinances, rules and regulations of all federal, state, county and/or local authorities, including, but not limited to, policies of REA and its power supplier and the most recent IEEE 1547 - Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems.

Distributed Generation installations of 25 kVA or less will be net-metered and sized to match the Member’s minimum energy requirements as measured over a monthly interval.

Output for Distributed Generation installations over 25 kVA but less than 100 kVA will be separately metered and compensated at a rate equal to REA’s avoided cost of power.

Installers for Distributed Generation facilities rated 100 kVA and above are required to contract directly with Western Farmers Electric Cooperative, the REA’s all-requirements supplier.

Members interested in installing Distributed Generation may contact the Engineering Department for additional information concerning REA’s requirements for interconnection.