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Average Billing

Average monthly billing levels out the billing on an account and eliminates the highs of heating and cooling and the lows of the milder seasons. 


Here’s how it works:


The current month’s bill is added to the bills for past 11 months together with any carry over balance created by average billing. This amount is then divided by 12 to produce an average monthly bill. If there are any adjustments to your account for purchases or miscellaneous charges, those charges are added to the average bill amount. The monthly budget amount is the sum of the average amount and any additional charges.


The average monthly bill is not a set amount and can vary, plus or minus, a few dollars each month. This plan is conducive to budgeting as it levels your annual usage.

 Bill Before Average Billing
Bill Before Average Billing

 Bill After Average Billing
Bill After Average Billing

Here Are The Requirements:
  • Establish a 12-month billing history with good-pay record

  • No unpaid balance or insufficient checks

  • Must agree to pay the average bill on time.  Two consecutive late payments will result in removal from the program

  • Upon removal from the program the total balance on the account becomes immediately due

  • Average Monthly Billing is only available to residential and farm accounts.


For more information contact Frank Lornes 580-276-3364 or toll-free 1-800-749-3364.